Alfredo Lavin

future aerospace engineer

About me

I am a 21 years old Spaniard who is currently studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. I was born in Oviedo, a city from the North of Spain and I currently live there and in Salinas when I'm not in Bristol.

Furthermore, I really like doing sports like football, tennis, surf and even padel, of which I am proud to say that I am one of the founders of the first Padel society (in terms of University) of the South West England.

I consider myself as someone that's always looking for something to do and that's why I'm into many projects.

Latest Posts

Currently I'm working in orbital mechanincs with the 2 Body Problem in my spare time, I'm comparing numerical integrators by calculating the paths of 2 bodies, here are some examples:

image 1
Euler's method with a dt of 0.00005s
image 2
Heun's method with a dt of 0.00005s
image 1
Verlet's method with a dt of 0.00005s
image 2
Leapfrog method with a dt of 0.00005s